God Took ‘Prophetess’ Kat Kerr ‘Into the Near Future’ and Showed Her Trump Back in the White House

The very first post we ever wrote about self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr back in 2018 featured a video clip of her claiming to have been taken up to Heaven and personally told by God that former President Donald Trump would win reelection in 2020, and that former Vice President Mike Pence would then be elected president for two terms, after which the person who had been serving as Pence’s vice president would be elected president. Kerr guaranteed that the United States would see “24 years of God in the White House.”

Leading up to the 2020 election, Kerr repeatedly insisted that Trump had been chosen by God and would be returned to the White House because 1,000 “special ops angels” had been dispatched to Earth to ensure his reelection.

When Trump lost, Kerr scrambled to justify her false prophecies, insisting that Joe Biden was not the legitimate president, declaring that massive voter fraud would be exposed, and warning that those responsible will be “put on a meat hook right next to Hitler” in Hell.

Kerr appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube program Wednesday, where she continued to stand by her failed prophecies, claiming that God had taken her to “the near future” where she saw Americans celebrating Trump’s return to the White House.

“I do know this for sure—and you can write it down—he will have his four years,” Kerr said. “They will have to give Trump the full four years that he actually won in 2020. So he won’t be president for a couple years. That’s not going to happen. It won’t happen. But God literally took me into the near future—I can’t say if that’s a week, a month, I can’t say when that is—I literally saw the celebration in the streets. God said, ‘I will show you the victory, I’ll show you the celebration.'”

It is worth noting that Kerr’s track record of making false prophecies remains solid, as she first made this claim back in February, when she asserted that she had been “taken forward in time” and shown Trump returning to office within “a couple week” or, at most, “a couple months.”