Kat Kerr Says Those Who Stole the Election Will Be ‘Put on a Meat Hook Next to Hitler’ in Hell

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr appeared on the Elijah Stream YouTube channel Wednesday, where she asserted that those who supposedly worked to steal the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump will be “put on a meat hook right next to Hitler” in Hell if they don’t confess to what they have done and repent for their sins.

Kerr, who was among the various “prophets” who repeatedly guaranteed that Trump would win reelection, claimed that God refers to President Joe Biden as “the villain” and will soon put Trump back in office.

“We didn’t choose who’s sitting there right now, the villain, which Gods still calls him,” Kerr said. “And if anybody wonders, ‘Will Trump still get his four years?’ The answer is yes, he will. He will have another four-year term as God promised, not the person who’s now fraudulently sitting there, passing all kinds of illegal laws, regulations, wicked and evil things.”

“The administration [that] is sitting there now, all they want is destruction for our country because that’s really what communism, socialism—but it’s also what Satanism is,” Kerr added. “I have to put [Satan] in there because he’s really over all this if you haven’t figured that out. Kill, steal, destroy—that’s his agenda, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

“Satan hates everybody,” she continued. “He even hates the ones who are doing this mock takeover. And I can tell them—I’m speaking to you right now, the evil, wicked ones that have been doing all that—you won’t get a high place in Hell. You will be put on a meat hook right next to Hitler. Because the ones who give their self the most for Satan are tormented and tortured more than anyone else in Hell. He will mock you in Hell like you’re mocking us right now. So you better give up while you can. You better change sides while you can [because] if you die in those sins of wickedness and evil and corruption, I know what your life will be like: You will suffer for all of eternity. It’s like dying and dying and dying again. In Heaven you exist to live, in Hell you exist to die, die, die, die, die. So that’s your choice, people.”

“If you think that this is all just gonna blow by and we’re gonna bow down to you, I will say, ‘We serve the most high God … and I happen to know him personally,'” Kerr screamed. “Your days are coming to an end.”