Scott Lively Blames LGBTQ People for Cultural Marxism, Says Trump Exposes ‘Demonic Forces’ Controlling the Country  

Scott Lively (Image from "Breaking News Bible Study" streamed July 26, 2020)

Anti-LGBTQ extremist Scott Lively called Chief Justice John Roberts a “snake in the grass” after Roberts joined a July 24 ruling against churches that were challenging public health orders that restrict the size of gatherings in houses of worship. Lively blamed an array of problems on LGBTQ people, who he said “have been the point of the spear in the United States of cultural Marxism all the way going all the way back to the 1940s.” 

In the July 26 episode of his “Breaking News Bible Study” radio show, Lively argued that churches should be completely exempt from public health restrictions, because he said the church is “a separate sovereign.”

The conversation between Lively and co-host Richard May covered a wide swatch of right-wing complaints.  Among the topics of grievance Lively discussed were:

  • The mainstream press being “100 percent owned by the Marxists.”
  • “Marxist” New Deal programs and the Supreme Court’s shift, under political pressure, from rejecting to permitting those programs.
  • That Lyndon B. Johnson, who “pushed through” the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was “the most evil and criminal of all the presidents of the United States until Obama.”
  • Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy “wrote all the majority opinions establishing gay cultural supremacy.”
  • “This is ‘1984’ come to life” and conservatives are “living under fascism” and afraid to speak openly about their beliefs.

Lively said, “Political correctness has replaced the 10 Commandments as the moral code that everybody is expected to follow.” He explained:

The religion of Marxism is secular humanism. Political correctness is the moral code of secular humanism. And the narratives, the political narratives that all the lefties hold are the scripture that they follow. … They don’t even have to be told how to respond to things that are happening day by day in current events, because they just simply follow the scripture, which are the narratives.

The  conversation turned to the effort to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 and Lively said that Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver, who represented Lively in a lawsuit brought by gay-rights activists in Uganda, has said that all of the major companies competing to put out a vaccine are using “aborted baby cell lines.” Lively vowed, “I am not going to have aborted baby cell lines injected into my body. It’s not going to happen.”

Lively and May also talked about the fact that in upholding the Nevada governor’s public health restrictions on churches, the Supreme Court relied in part on Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, a 1905 case in which the court ruled that a local  government could mandate the smallpox vaccine. Asked by May what he thinks about the potential for a forced vaccine containing some kind of marker to be the “mark of the beast” foretold in the biblical book of Revelation, Lively said he didn’t think the vaccine itself would qualify unless it came with some kind of explicit requirement to reject Christ in some way. One possibility he imagined was the imposition of a cashless society that would require people to abide by an antidiscrimination policy that includes “the endorsement of what God has condemned as an abomination” or requires “a commitment to treat all religions equally and say that Jesus Christ is equal to Mohammed etc., etc., etc.”

Lively recounted his involvement in the 1992 Oregon Citizens Alliance campaign’s for passage of Ballot Measure 9, an anti-gay constitutional amendment that was defeated by voters. Lively said the campaign against the act and its supporters “was a dress rehearsal for what they’re doing to Trump right now at a national scale.” Lively said:

I’m not exaggerating. There’s never been a political contest in America as dirty, as intense, in which–see, there’s a principle that when a righteous man or righteous people stand up on an essential element of God’s truth that the devil does not want told, and doesn’t back down, then then the demonic realm has to commit greater and greater and greater numbers of resources in order to stop that person. And having done all to stand, you just keep standing and when you do that, eventually, the entire army is drawn out of the shadows into the light. That’s what happened in Oregon.

And that’s what Trump has done. Trump, by standing against the Marxist agenda and not backing down, not capitulating, every single wave that they have engaged in to try to take him down has exposed a greater and greater number of the demonic forces that are in control of our country.

Lively said that some of Trump’s personnel decisions, which some conservatives have criticized, were actually part of a divine plan. “God wants all those people to be exposed for who they really are,” he said, adding, “And once they’re exposed, like a [Anthony] Fauci or a [Rex] Tillerson, right, or a [James] Mattis, all these people that had this  facade of respectability and conservatism are now all exposed for being traitors to the country and Marxist comrades, right, with the rest of them trying to tear the country down.”

Lively welcomed “gay activists and other hard lefties” who might be listening to him “so that you can attack me on Right Wing Watch and Joe My God and all these other reprobate platforms,” adding this message:

I hope that you’re actually hearing something that will touch your heart, will penetrate that rocky crust that you have around your mind and your heart, and that will show you that people like me and Richard May actually do love our fellow man and we love the country that America’s founders gave to us, just the way that it was—well, not just the way that it was. It needed some modifications.

Lively and May make quite a pair. A month ago,  Lively said he would rather be beheaded than forced to wear a mask. Also in June,  Lively and May had agreed that homosexuality is a much worse sin than slavery “by far.” And in May, Lively told listeners that Christians should prepare to wage violent revolution against those he said were using the COVID-19 pandemic to promote socialism and an End Times “Beast government” on the United States.

Lively, author of “The Pink Swastika,” is among the most extreme and notorious anti-LGBTQ activists. He has supported anti-LGBTQ legislation in Uganda, Russia, and around the world. Last year he helped launch an extreme anti-LGBTQ group with comments charging that the transgender movement is really about promoting the “pedophilia agenda.” In 2015, he said homosexuality was worse than murder and genocide and warned that if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, it could lead to the rise of the Antichrist by the end of the year.

Lively  celebrated the election of Donald Trump as the beginning of the end of the LGBTQ movement globally. In 2018, he said that God was orchestrating a miracle that would make him governor of Massachusetts. (That didn’t happen.)