Scott Lively: The Rainbow Flag Is ‘A Sign Of Conquest’

Scott Lively, a Trumploving radical anti-LGBTQ activist who last year ran for governor in Massachusetts, recently appeared on Air TV International, where he declared that churches that fly a rainbow flag are signifying that they have “been conquered by the LGBT lobby.”

“When the wicked rule, the people groan and that’s happened all over the Western world,” Lively said. “We have been usurped by the Marxists and they are now ruling over us with jackboots and pushing their anti-biblical agenda just as fast as they possibly can and the church is shrinking from the battle.”

Lively lamented that many mainstream Christian denominations have now “been conquered by the LGBT lobby.”

“Wherever they fly the rainbow flag over churches, it’s actually a sign of conquest,” he said. “Like any conquering nation or people, the first thing they do is run their flag up the flagpole to designate that they now own that territory. The devil now owns the territory that Christians used to hold, even inside church buildings.”