Scott Lively and Richard May Want Trump to Charge Media Outlets With ‘Sedition’

During Sunday’s “Breaking News Bible Study” program, which airs on radio station WETR in Knoxville, Tennessee, radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively and his co-host Richard May urged President Donald Trump to use his second term in office to “dismantle” media outlets like CNN and charge employees at those outlets with sedition.

“Marxism is a cancer in our society,” Lively said. “We can’t just have an election and then let everything continue on the way that it is. These media organizations—CNN and all this—they need to be taken down. They need to be dismantled. … You can’t just simply allow the infrastructure of our civilization to be consumed by a cancer. You have to cut it out.”

May agreed, saying that the House of Representatives should establish a new House Un-American Activities Committee to root out subversives, which would then hopefully instill in Trump “the fortitude to start some sedition charges against people.”