Scott Lively Says God Is Orchestrating Miracles To Make Him Governor Of Massachusetts

Radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively appeared on Bryan Fischer’s “Focal Point” radio program yesterday to discuss his campaign for governor in Massachusetts and the fact that he managed to secure enough support at the state Republican convention last weekend to force a primary against current Gov. Charlie Baker, which Lively insisted was orchestrated by God.

“I could actually become the governor of Massachusetts,” Lively marveled. “It would be as big as the Trump win against Hillary.”

“I’m the strongest pro-Trump candidate, I think, in the country and we can take this state back from the left,” he continued. “People are sick of how far we’ve gone to the left, we need to move to the right. There’s a new wind blowing across the entire world, rebelling against the globalism and socialism in all its different forms and that wind is blowing here in Massachusetts as well.”

Lively claimed that if he can beat Baker in the primary, he can easily be elected governor because “the Democrats have put forward the weakest field of candidates in my lifetime.”

“I think God has orchestrated this,” Lively crowed. “I think we’re going to produce a miracle in Massachusetts. Can you imagine what would happen if Scott Lively became the governor of Massachusetts? It’s mind-boggling. It’s historic. Even getting through the convention like this is historic.”