Scott Lively Urges Christian Conservatives to Flee the ‘Democrat-Controlled Population Centers’

During Sunday’s “Breaking News Bible Study” program, which airs on radio station WETR in Knoxville, Tennessee, Trump loving radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively told conservative Christians to flee from areas controlled by Democrats because Democratic leaders are planning to burn down cities to escape paying out pensions to their police forces.

“Why are the Democrats burning down their own cities?” Lively asked. “They’re setting up a scenario in which they’ve agitated and inflamed the Black community and then pitted them against the police so that they can blame the Blacks for the collapse of the cities, and they can discredit the police, so it’s easy to justify not paying them these exorbitant pensions that they’ve been negotiating.”

“The white liberals who run this system are going to take the blame unless they can shift it onto somebody else, and that’s what they’re doing,” he added. “They’re going to shift the blame onto the Blacks because they’re the ones that are on camera all the time burning down [cities]—a small percentage of the Black community, this is by no means the majority of Blacks, it is a small percentage—but Blacks are all collectively going to be taking responsibility and blame for the meltdown of the cities, which is inevitable at this point. And the police are being delegitimized because there’s no possible way they’re going to be able to pay their pensions. They might even come out at some point and say, ‘We don’t consider ourselves obligated to pay the pensions of these police departments because they’re systemically racist, and they’re the ones that caused the Black community to rise up in rebellion against them.'”

“This is all a setup,” Lively added. “So if you’re living in one of those places, if you’re a conservative or you’re a Christian living in any of those places, get the heck out of there before it all collapses. Because even if Trump gets elected, the worst chaos is going to take place in the Democrat-controlled population centers.”

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