Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Raising Up Monsters

  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says that those who have criticized the bigoted statements he has made are really attacking God.
  • On a related note, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina is urging everyone to pray for Robinson.
  • Speaking of Cawthorn, he recently complained that “our culture today is trying to completely demasculate all the young men,” and issued a plea to parents: “If you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster.”
  • Rick Green is urging the listeners of the “WallBuilders Live” radio program to use upcoming family gatherings to push the right-wing agenda: “That old thing about don’t talk about politics and religion at Thanksgiving or Christmas with the family—no, no, no. That’s exactly what we need to be talking about, every single one of us engaging in these conversations.”
  • Bill Mitchell announced that he is leaving Gab, a right-wing social media platform popular with activists who have been kicked off the mainstream platforms, after realizing that it is a cesspool of bigotry and antisemitism.
  • Lauren Witzke is now an executive producer for “The Stew Peters Show,” and during her recent appearance on the “No White Guilt” program, she assured her fellow panelists that Peters and his audience share their concerns: “Stew gets it. He gets the agenda.”
  • Finally, Clay Clark, who has been organizing conferences around the nation featuring countless right-wing anti-vaccine, election, and QAnon conspiracy theorists as speakers, announced that he’s holding an event in Dallas in December at which Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will be participating.