Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Wolf is at the Door

  • Joe Arpaio is running for mayor in the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • It must be exhausting to be a conspiracy theorist like Stew Peters, who sees conspiracies and spiritual warfare behind even the smallest momentary technical glitch.
  • We genuinely hope this clip of Samuel Rodriguez warning about critical race theory, communism, and pedophilia will finally convince the media to stop buying into Rodriguez’s false narrative that he is a moderate, nonpartisan evangelical leader.
  • Bill Donohue attempts to come to the defense of Christopher Columbus: “Those who are bashing Columbus are simultaneously lauding the legacy of Indigenous peoples. Yet a closer, and independent, examination of their historical record raises serious questions about their assigned ‘oppressed’ status.”
  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says that Christians must take control of public schools because children are being abused by being taught “filth”: “There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth.”
  • Finally, Jim Bakker is desperate for donations, warning that networks will soon stop carrying his program if he can’t come up with $1 million to pay his bills.