Glenn Beck Says He’ll Vote for Trump in 2020

Last night, Glenn Beck appeared on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News for the first time since the two had a very public falling out over the issue of supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 election. While Hannity was a proud and vocal Trump supporter, Beck was vehemently opposed to Trump and the feud took a personal turn when Beck said that he couldn’t understand how Hannity even manages to sleep at night due to his shameless shilling for Trump.

But last night, Beck was back on Hannity’s show, where he revealed that he intends to vote for President Trump in 2020 because Trump has kept his campaign promises while the Democratic Party has been taken over by “serious socialists”:

This is pretty remarkable, because it directly contradicts every single thing that Beck said during the 2016 election cycle.

From the moment Trump announced that he was running, Beck mocked and attacked him as the “biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine,” and asserted that Trump’s campaign was really just a ploy to discredit the Tea Party and elect Hillary Clinton.

Trump was a “dangerous” psychopath and electing him would be “national suicide,” Beck declared, adding that with Trump as the nominee, Republicans would “never elect another GOP person to high office ever again.”

”Conservatives need to run from the Republican Party as fast as you can,” Beck said, “because Tinfoil Hat Don is crazy.”

When Trump hired Steve Bannon to help run his campaign, Beck called on all Republicans to “jump ship” because Bannon was “possibly the most dangerous guy in all of American politics” and would destroy anyone who dared to disagree with Trump, especially Beck.

Beck said that Trump was “the most vindictive man on the planet” and would use the power of the federal government to utterly ruin him:

“How do you put your name on Donald Trump? You have no idea what he will do. Are you okay with him coming after me and trying to put me out of business through Breitbart and everything else? Are you okay with him using the IRS to attack me and my business? Are you okay with that? Because if he’s president, I can guarantee you it’s going to happen.”

Under President Trump, Beck predicted that the church in America would be destroyed and that he would wind up in jail.

As such, Beck said that he would never, ever support Trump because doing so would carry eternal consequences, saying that if Jesus was here, he’d tell Beck never to vote for an “unrighteous” man like Trump, prompting Beck to repeatedly assert that he must remain loyal to God.

And so, like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, Beck vowed to stand on principle against Trump so that there would remain a righteous remnant in America through which God could continue to bless this nation.

Early on in the Republican primary, Beck insisted that he does not get “the big things” wrong and warned that the dangers of electing Trump was one of those “big things” about which he was absolutely convinced he was right:

“I beg you,” Beck said. “If you have ever listened to me and you have heard 1999/Osama bin Laden, the banking crash of ’08, the caliphate, and those are just the big ones.”

Beck admitted that while he may have been wrong about a few small things here and there, “I’ve not gotten the ones wrong where I said, ‘I’ll fall on my sword,’ have I? Where I said, “Listen guys, I know this one to be true.’”

“I have not gotten the big things wrong,” Beck insisted, claiming that he foresaw 9/11, the 2008 economic collapse and, falsely, the rise of the caliphate in the Mideast. This, of course, conveniently brushes aside all of the things he has demonstrably gotten wrong as meaningless and unimportant, especially in comparison to the few “big things” that he supposedly got right.

Nevertheless, Beck insisted that his warning about Trump is one of those “big things” and therefore is something that should be heeded.

“If you have ever, ever taken to heart what I am saying,” Beck told voters in Iowa, “please, please do not vote for Donald Trump. Please! … This guy is a very dangerous guy.”

But now that Beck is planning to vote for Trump in 2020, he is tacitly admitting that the endless dire warnings he issued during the 2016 election were all wrong, which raises the question of why anyone should ever believe anything that Beck says about anything.