Glenn Beck: Trump Is ‘The Most Vindictive Man On The Planet’ And He’ll Try To Destroy Me If He’s Elected

Glenn Beck told those in his radio audience today who are planning on voting for Donald Trump that they need to go into the voting booth with their eyes wide open and know that they are voting for “the most vindictive man on the planet” who will use the power of the Oval Office to shut down Beck and his network.

After repeatedly saying that he does not want to see Hillary Clinton elected, Beck said that those who are voting for Trump cannot pretend that they are simply doing so in order to stop her because, regardless of their motivation, they are still choosing to vote for Trump.

“How do you put your name on Donald Trump? You have no idea what he will do,” Beck said. “Are you okay with him coming after me and trying to put me out of business through Breitbart and everything else? Are you okay with him using the IRS to attack me and my business? Are you okay with that? Because if he’s president, I can guarantee you it’s going to happen.”

Trump is “the most vindictive man on the planet” and has surrounded himself with people who have vowed to destroy anyone who refused to support his campaign, Beck said.

“Is that okay with you?” he asked. “Because that’s the next hurdle you’re going to have to pass. Is it okay to use the instruments of power to go after your enemies?”