Glenn Beck: A Trump Presidency Would Destroy The Church In America

Glenn Beck appeared last night on Dana Loesch’s television program—which airs on his network, The Blaze— to address the false reports that he has endorsed Hillary Clinton. While clarifying that he has not endorsed Clinton and that he would never vote for her, Beck did say that he is less alarmed by the prospect of Clinton becoming president than Donald Trump because a Trump presidency would destroy the church in America.

Beck said that the conservative movement would survive a Clinton presidency because she represents an outside threat against which it can unify. Trump, on the other hand, is destroying the movement from within, which he said is especially dangerous because this “poison” has now infected the church.

“The poison has come inside our churches,” Beck warned, noting that Christian conservatives are bending over backwards to excuse Trump’s litany of immoral behavior and outrageous statements.

“The church does not survive” a Trump presidency, Beck said. “We survive if the force is outside, we don’t survive if the force is in.”