Glenn Beck’s Voting Advice: ‘Your Only Choice Is To Be Loyal’ To God

On his television program last night, Glenn Beck again aired excerpts from a conversation that he recently had with several students at Texas Christian University in which he warned them that voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton carries eternal consequences.

After reading a passage from 2 Timothy 3 instructing Christians not to have anything to do with ungodly people, Beck said that he refuses to stand before God one day and try to explain why he voted for someone like Trump or Clinton despite His clear instructions.

Beck told the students that everyone alive today in America is here specifically because it is part of God’s eternal plan and so there is no point in trying to argue with Him about why you didn’t have any choice but to vote for Trump because of the importance of the Supreme Court.

“Your only choice is to always be loyal to Him,” Beck said. “Don’t try to out-think Him … True faith in God means you live it no matter the consequences.”