Cory Daniel: Actor Issac Kappy’s Death Was a Ritual Occult Sacrifice

Last Friday night, right-wing commentator and radical conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald featured self-proclaimed “political occultist expert” Cory Daniel on his “The MC Files” program, where Daniel asserted that the suicide of an obscure actor was actually a ritualistic occult sacrifice.

Last year, a relatively unknown actor named Issac Kappy became a celebrity in the right-wing conspiracy world for baselessly alleging that various Hollywood stars were involved in pedophilia. Last week, Kappy took his own life by jumping from an overpass in Arizona.

On Friday, just days after he interviewed Republican Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee, McDonald dedicated his entire program to discussing “the murder of Issac Kappy,” during which Daniel asserted that Kappy may have been whisked away to a secret underground military base by President Trump so that he can testify about the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood or that Kappy may have been killed as part of an occult ritual sacrifice.

Daniel seized on the fact that Kappy had “likened himself to Judas” and was wearing a fleece-lined jacket in the final video he posted before his death.

“Fleece—the sheep, the sacrifice—a fleece-lined jacket with a red Levis tab right over his heart,” Daniel said. “I noticed the symbology in that video. The way his camera is sitting below him, it looks like he’s filming laying down in a coffin the whole time talking, he doesn’t move, with this fleece-lined jacket up against him and the red tab at the heart. I think it was being signaled there that he was a sacrifice. And then, of course, you have the whole Judas thing.”

“He died 7:22 in the morning,” Daniel added. “If you invert 7:22 to 22 over 7, you know what you get? That’s the fractional approximation for Pi: 3.14. So you have a lot of mathematical and symbolic shenanigans going on here.”

Daniel then announced that he was going to “start a movement demanding an investigation” into Kappy’s supposedly suspicious death.