Cory Daniel: New Zealand Muslim Massacre Was an Illuminati Plot to ‘Take White People Down’

Supposed “political occultist expert” Cory Daniel declared on a recent episode of Chris McDaniel’s “The MC Files” program that the recent murder of 50 Muslims in New Zealand by an apparent white supremacist was an Illuminati ritual “meant to thwart the momentum that [President] Trump is building on nationalism … and on the white male not being ashamed of being white.”

Daniel, who has previous claimed that Zionists use pedophilia to blackmail members of Congress and that the Super Bowl halftime show was an occult ritual, declared that the massacre in New Zealand was part of an Illuminati plot to “take white people down.”

“I can say that without any fear of sounding like a racist, because I’m not a racist,” Daniel said. “They have worked us into a position where people are scared to death to say, ‘Yeah, white people are OK. Yeah, white people created the paradigm we’re all living in that has brought more comfort and safety and medicine and benefit to the species than any other race has in the world—and white people did it. Yes, we did it. White people formed the institutions that created the greatest country on earth, the United States of America.'”

“If it wasn’t for white people, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today in this world,” he added. “I have no problem saying it because it’s the absolute historical fact. They are trying to take white people down … This whole shooting was about nothing more than thwarting that energy that Trump and Trump supporters have been creating.”