‘White Goat Cross’: Cory Daniel Exposes the Occult Ritual Behind Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

Friday’s episode of “The MC Files” program once again featured “political occultist expert” Cory Daniel, who was on hand to explain the occult symbolism that was supposedly behind the recent murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Daniel, who has previously claimed that Zionists use pedophilia to blackmail members of Congress, that the Super Bowl halftime show was an occult ritual, and that the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand was part of an Illuminati plot to “take white people down,” found great significance in the fact that the suspect who shot Hussle reportedly escaped in a white Chevy Cruze.

“Nipsey Hussle was sacrificed, people,” Daniel said. “This was a public ritual sacrifice.”

Daniel claimed that the fact that the media repeatedly shared the car’s description and license plate number was part of a ritualistic “incantation.”

“That’s part of the ritual,” he said. “White is purity. What does the word ‘Chevy’ mean? Do you know? Goat. It’s French, it comes from goat … And ‘cruze’ means ‘cross.'”

“So the vehicle was a ‘white goat cross,'” Daniel proclaimed. “Are you seeing the similitude with Christ here? Christ being the sacrifice, being the offering, the pure offering on the cross; the car was the pure offering on the cross.”