Chris McDonald: New Zealand Muslim Massacre Was a ‘Set-Up’ to Justify Attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka

On his “The MC Files” program last night, right-wing commentator Chris McDonald declared that the massacre of 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, last month was a “false flag” operation designed to provide the justification for the multiple terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of Christian worshipers in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

“We’re not trying to attack a religion, but at some point, you have got to call a spade a spade,” McDonald said, insisting that “true Christians” would never kill innocent civilians or target people of another faith.

“That whole thing at Christchurch was nothing but a set-up,” he said. “There were too many false flags in this to believe that this was not nothing but a planned attack to make Christianity look bad and it set the stage for what happened Sunday.”