Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Launch The Race War

  • David Barton and WallBuilders continue to falsely insist that “aborted baby parts are being unethically used in vaccinations.”
  • Have you always wanted to take a cruise with Tony Perkins, Jerry Boykin, Michele Bachmann and others? Well, you are in luck.
  • Linda Harvey asserts that “any school that supports the Day of Silence is going along with blatant religious discrimination against faithful Christians and people of other faiths who have concerns about the health, moral, and spiritual issues relating to a homosexual or transgender lifestyle.”
  • Bryan Fischer declares that “the behavior of a man engaged in the act of sodomy with a homosexual partner is not morally equivalent to the behavior of a man who is engaged in loving and conjugal union with the wife of his youth. It is moral blindness and even stupidity to pretend otherwise.”
  • Finally, Cory Daniel says that the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett was “intended to start a race war.”