‘We Want Nations’: Lance Wallnau Preaches Seven Mountains Dominionism

During last Tuesday’s “Flashpoint” program, which airs on megachurch televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s “Victory Channel” network, unabashed Christian nationalist and self-proclaimed “futurist” Lance Wallnau gave the audience a crash course in Seven Mountains Dominionism, a radical theology that advocates having right-wing Christians control all aspects of society.

Followers of Seven Mountains theology believe that they are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of the seven main “mountains” that shape our culture—education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, family, and religion—in order to implement the will of God throughout the nation and the world.

Wallnau, a Trump-loving evangelist who had access to the White House during the Trump administration, said that the United States won’t be saved just by converting more people to Christianity because all the “mountains” in society are currently controlled by “roughly 3 to 4 percent of the population [who] are radical leftist elites.”

“They neutralize the church because they’re also in religion,” Wallnau said. “They changed the definition of marriage, so they’ve taken over family. They’ve totally taken over academia, so the education institutions are teaching leftist theology or leftist ideology and silencing conservatives. They’re controlling government right now. They’ve taken over legacy media, Hollywood, entertainment and the arts. And now they’ve got Wall Street.”

The only way to save the nation, Wallnau declared, is for those mountains to be seized by Christians—or, more specifically, Wallnau’s kind of Christians

“Thirty percent of the population is Christian,” Wallnau said. “How is it the 30 percent are dominated by 3 percent? They have a worldview for bringing their kingdom here now. We’re told to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come,’ but we put it off to the Second Coming. We put it off. They are organized and we are not. So, God says, ‘I’m going to send you a revival,’ and we’re praying for revival, and as we pray for revival, we think, ‘Well, watch what happens: That 30 will become 50 percent.’ It doesn’t matter because the guards in the prison control what goes on with the inmates. You can have 75 percent, and if they control those high places, you still are in suppression.”

“So, it’s not just in having more [Christians],” he concluded. “We certainly want souls in eternity. That’s the most important thing. … [But] this isn’t either/or; it’s both/and. We want souls, and we want nations. Jesus was promised nations for his inheritance, not just churches!”