Lance Wallnau Proudly Declares Himself a Christian Nationalist

Right-wing evangelist Lance Wallnau streamed a video on his Facebook page last Friday in which he proudly declared himself to be a Christian nationalist.

Religious-right leaders have tried to claim that Christian nationalism is nothing but a myth, insisting that warnings about right-wing activists trying to infuse their religious beliefs into government to turn the United States into a fundamentalist Christian nation are nothing but “an attempt to drive conservative Christians out of the public square,” as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council recently argued.

Wallnau, by contrast, was quite open about his intentions as he urged former President Donald Trump to begin holding public rallies again and to infuse them with right-wing Christianity in order to bring about a revival in the United States.

“The Lord’s saying that there’s a train coming, and the Trump train is going to be part of it,” Wallnau declared. “It’s really gonna be the movement of the Spirit of God in a kind of a revival. And listen to me, I got a plan, and you guys are gonna be with me. We’re gonna hit these rallies, we’re gonna go to these states—but hear me, hear me, hear me—80 million people voted for Donald Trump. Half of them were Christians; the other half, they believe in God, they love the flag, and they’re worried about America, they want to keep it great. There’s our harvest.”

“If we can get the gospel to the rallies, in the name of Jesus, I’m praying that Donald Trump will entertain this idea,” Wallnau continued. “I want the rallies to become partners with the revival that America needs. We need the rallies to become connected to the revivals. We need an awakening. Because when those 30 million low hanging fruit, souls, come to Jesus—that love America and realize without a move of God, without an awakening, without divine intervention, we’re sunk because we’re up against the beast that is far better entrenched in the high places than we are—if we can get that 30 million out there, if we can get 20 million out there, my God, you have any idea how that will shift permanently the political landscape of America?”

“What other message is going to bring a revival to America?” Wallnau asked. “Unless we capture the saving of America, capture the flag. Capture the flag! People say, ‘Oh, Lance, I don’t know, you sound like a Christian nationalist.’ Yes, I am a Christian nationalist. And I will take the flag that God gave us, with his blessed freedom and blessed government and blessed nation, and I will take that flag and lead them to the cross. Give me the flag, and I’ll carry it all the way to Calvary, and I will plant it there where the cross is and say, ‘There’s the one that gave you the nation, there’s the only one that can save this nation. We’ve got to give our lives to Jesus.'”