Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Mantle of Presidential Favor

  • Lance Wallnau prefers to think of himself as a “futurist” because that “sounds like you know what you’re talking about.”
  • Glenn Beck remains confident that he and his audience will save America because “there are armies in the spiritual realm who are working with us.”
  • Laurie Roth declares that “the real truth is that the DEMOCRAT left of today, with their dementia laden poster child Joe Biden obedient and sold out media, completely reflects the principles of Hitler.”
  • Rick Wiles hopes that President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr will line the traitors in the Democratic Party, news media, science, and academia up against a wall and shoot them “because that’s what they deserve.”
  • Finally, “prophetess” Kat Kerr bestowed a “mantle of presidential favor” and “governmental authority” upon “prophet” Hank Kunneman. Said mantle came in the form of a Trump 2020 banner.