‘The Last Election We Would Ever Have’: Jim Garlow (Again) Prophesies Doom if Voters Don’t Elect Candidates Dedicated to ‘Biblical Governance’

Heading into the 2012 election, right-wing pastor Jim Garlow warned that if then-President Barack Obama was reelected, the United States would be “unsalvageable.”

We have about ten months left to save this nation. It’s not that the nation will cease to exist after November, it’s just that the die will have been cast in such a way that we will never, ever be able to reclaim that which we once had. Whether it be in the arena of reclaiming safety for the womb, the definition of marriage, or of the economic fact that we’re $15 trillion in the hole now and $110 trillion in unfunded liabilities – this is a nation that will be decimated, it will be unsalvageable after November if we cannot get it turned. Even with the strongest leadership that we might be able to elect it is still going to be a very hard task because of how far down we have fallen both morally and economically as it relates to biblical understanding.

As the election neared, Garlow’s warnings became even more dire, asserting that Obama’s reelection would mean that “America as we have known her will be forever gone.”

We have 61 days of America left. If we do not turn at this point, America as we have known her will be forever gone. It is crisic that people vote, that they activate, that they become informed and they influence every other people they can regardless of how unreceptive people might be to them announcing where they stand on the issues. It is time for us to be unbelievably bold.

Despite those warnings, the nation somehow managed to survive, prompting Garlow to declare prior to the 2016 election that “we have a limited time for resuscitation.” Presumably, the election of former President Donald Trump temporarily rescued the nation, but the mortal danger remained. As such, just before the 2020 election, Garlow, a die-hard Trump supporter, frantically proclaimed that “you are about to lose your country” if Joe Biden became president.

With another election just over the horizon, Garlow is once again prophesying doom, using his Sunday night World Prayer Network livesteam to predict that if voters don’t elect candidates committed to “biblical governance,” then “this will be the last election we would ever have.”

“Every year, we say, ‘This is the most important election we’ve ever had,'” Garlow said. “You know why we say that? Because it’s true. And this is the most important election we’ve ever had. Folks, if we don’t score right on this one and get us moved to biblical governance, this will be the last election we would ever have.”

“I’m not trying to be melodramatic,” Garlow insisted. “I’m just laying out the facts as they are.”

Given that Garlow has been regularly issuing this same warning for over a decade now, it’s probably safe to say that he is, in fact, just being melodramatic.

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