Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Fetish for Punishment

  • Jim Garlow says that President Joe Biden’s speech on the danger that MAGA Republicans pose to American democracy was “the single most dangerous moment in American history”: “This is much worse that 9-11, which was an attack from without. The Biden Rage Speech was not merely an attack from within. It was from the occupant of the White House. This had the eerie feeling of a Hitlerian tirade, staged at a nationally prized location, with bizarre hellish-red backlighting.”
  • Ben Johnson, senior reporter and editor at the Family Research Council’s The Washington Stand, declares that Biden is “cursing” the soul of America.
  • David Lane asserts that “what President Biden considers the ‘soul of the nation’ might well represent what is known as ‘the dark night of the soul,’ a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis.”
  • Laura Loomer still refuses to accept that she lost the GOP primary last month: “I refuse to concede. My election was stolen. And that’s my final position.”
  • Finally, Jesse Kelly demands “a reckoning” for Anthony Fauci, while Steve Deace says that Fauci is “America’s Mengele” and therefore deserving of “Nuremberg-like punishments:” “I’ve got a fetish, Jesse, and it’s for punishment!”