Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Messiah of America

  • Jerome Corsi proclaims that when it comes to the Democratic Party, “we’re dealing with a demonic system. And I mean that in the absolute terms of Satanism.”
  • Likewise, Jim Garlow asserts that “leftism … is a mental illness” that results from “a spiritual blindness that comes over individuals who walk in habitual sin.”
  • David Kupelian says that efforts to support transgender children and protect their rights are “satanic” and “amounts to the sexual abuse and corruption of innocent children on a scale more massive than this nation has ever seen, or even imagined was possible.”
  • Tyler Russell wants the government to “go as far right as possible and then go even further right than that”: “[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] should be in jail. Ilhan Omar; jail. The liberal down the street who votes for these people, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”
  • Laura Loomer’s choice of favorite Bible verse is very confusing.
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn declares that “Donald Trump carries the prophetic seal of the calling of God”: “Donald Trump is the messiah of America.”