Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Brazen and Unprecedented Lying

  • Right-wing pastor Jim Garlow lays out a number of sarcastic reasons of why people should vote for Democrats if they want things like “drag queens telling stories to children. Gross and graphic homosexual acts taught to kindergartners. … To support that for which God destroyed Sodom.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer declares that “if you are a Christian you CANNOT vote for the Democratic Agenda which is ANTI-CHRIST!”
  • Right-wing pastor Kenneth Copeland spoke at a rally former President Donald Trump held in Pennsylvania over the weekend.
  • Ali Alexander declares that he does not support Mehmet Oz’s bid for the U.S. Senate because “the Holy Spirit has convicted me, preventing me from supporting him.
  • Nick Fuentes’ rabid antisemitism is propelling him into promoting wild conspiracy theories.
  • Eric Metaxas says that “we have never seen anyone lie the way Joe Biden has lied. There is a brazenness to it that I find utterly unprecedented.”
  • Finally, with just one day to go before the election, Laura Loomer is still refusing to concede that she lost the Republican primary. Instead, she is openly urging voters not to support the GOP incumbent who defeated her.