Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Real Lepers

  • Greg Locke used his sermon Sunday to urge his congregation not to get the COVID-19 vaccine and even offered to provide a “religious exemption” to any member that wants to sue their employer for requiring vaccination.
  • Sidney Powell appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” Monday, where she declared that George Soros, the media, the government, and “the globalists” are trying to destroy the United States.
  • Jeff Jansen prophesied that the military would remove President Joe Biden from office and reinstall former President Donald Trump in the White House by the end of April. That obviously didn’t happen, but Jansen continues to insist “there’s a Trump administration that’s coming back into power very, very quickly.”
  • David Brody was the one interviewing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene when she sparked controversy by comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust last week, so naturally he kicked off his show Monday by rushing to her defense.
  • Pat Robertson warns that if the United States stops selling weapons to Israel, “we as a nation will suffer the curse that God placed on those who would curse Abraham.”
  • Finally, Stew Peters and DeAnna Lorraine are happy that people are still wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 because it makes it easier for them to avoid these “dirty, morbidly obese, disease-infested scum”: “They’re the real lepers, and they need to be treated as such.”