Shane Vaughn Accuses George Soros of Ruining South Africa by Providing Scholarships to Black Students

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn dedicated last Thursday’s episode of his “Professor Toto’s Conservative College” livestream program to attacking billionaire philanthropist George Soros, accusing him of destroying the nation of South Africa by providing scholarships for Black students during the height of apartheid.

In an episode titled, “The Sorcery Of Soros,” Vaughn claimed that South Africa was a “wonderful nation” until Soros came along and ruined its “culture” by providing educational opportunities to the majority Black population, which had for decades been brutally oppressed by the white minority.

“You remember in South Africa, that was a colony of Great Britain,” Vaughn said. “It had a tradition of monarchy there for many, many years, and South Africa was a wonderful nation. But it was a closed society. It had a queen, it had an identity with the Commonwealth, with Great Britain. It had traditions. It had its own history.”

“So, [Soros] brings his money down to South Africa, and he funds the university with scholarships for Black youth in apartheid South Africa,” Vaughn continued. “When he opens that school, he changes South Africa. And look what he did down there, look at the division that came between the white South Africans and the Blacks. Now they’re killing them by the thousands, taking their land. Why? Because he divided South Africa with this open society; remove the culture, remove the law, remove the foundation of the society, turn the races against one another, and then you take the nation, and you create now an open society.”