E.W. Jackson Says George Soros Is an ‘Evil Man’ and ‘Demon-Possessed’

Outraged that a PAC funded by billionaire progressive donor George Soros has been pumping money into elections in Virginia, right-wing pastor E W. Jackson declared on his radio program on Friday that Soros is “an evil man” who “is demon-possessed.”

Jackson was particularly outraged by the PAC’s recent donation to Planned Parenthood of Virginia.

“The devil is a liar,” Jackson said. “This evil man, he really needs to be delivered. He really does. This man is demon-possessed. He spends money to help abort babies. He spends money to divide people racially. He spends money to attack our Constitution. He spends money to do every negative thing. Frankly, he spends money to advance the cause of communism.”

Jackson claimed that Soros “doesn’t understand what he’s doing” because he’s “as dumb as Jesse James was bad” when it comes to issues of “life, and morality, and spirituality, and freedom, and those fundamental values that God instills in us to make us human.”

“Pray for Virginia,” he said. “George Soros is dumping lots of money into Virginia to try to make sure that Virginia is no longer the state of George Washington, but becomes the state of Karl Marx. I’ll tell you what, folks, we’re not going to let it happen. We’re going to pray against it. The Bible says, ‘No weapon formed against us will prosper.’ And as far as I’m concerned, the Devil’s formed George Soros as a weapon against us, but that weapon is not going to prosper, no matter what he does. He’s not going to overthrow the United States of America. He’s not going to destroy our constitutional republic.”