‘Prophet’ Jeff Jansen Says Trump Will Be Back in Office by June

Jeff Jansen, a self-proclaimed “prophetwho leads Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube program last Thursday, where he asserted that, contrary to all appearances, Joe Biden is “not our president” and prophesied Donald Trump will be back in the White House by June at the latest.

Jansen was among the various “prophets” who guaranteed that Trump would win the 2020 election and serve a second term. Despite the fact that that obviously didn’t happen, Jansen remains adamant that he will soon be proven accurate.

“He’s not our president,” Jansen declared about Biden. “He is not, nor will he ever be. Everybody knows there was a red tidal wave, there was a Red Sea moment, which is a red tidal wave. And quite frankly, America voted in Donald J. Trump.”

“President Trump is president,” he added. “We will be rejoicing in the streets by March, April, May, June. There’s going to be an amazing turnaround. You just watch what happens. And the world will rejoice. Not just America, the world will rejoice because of this exposure. I’m telling you that’s going to take place. I’m going down with the ship on this. The Lord showed me this.”