Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Starring Alex Jones in the Role of a Globalist

  • On Monday, Chris McDonald said that Democrats “need to swing from nooses.” On Tuesday, Rep. Phil Roe made yet another appearance on McDonald’s program.
  • Larry Klayman knows just who President Donald Trump should be turning to for advice on critical matters: Larry Klayman.
  • Speaking of Klayman, he is behind a new $100 million lawsuit filed by George Zimmerman against the family of Trayvon Martin.
  • TruNews continues to rant about the supposed “Jew coup” that is allegedly working to topple Trump.
  • Alex Jones plans to film unscripted “whole shows” next week in which he will assume the role of a “globalist” because “that will get people talking and that will get people thinking.” What could go wrong?
  • Finally, white nationalist podcaster Nick Fuentes, white nationalist group leader Patrick Casey, and Infowars personality Jacob Lloyd are set to headline a “Groyper Leadership Summit” for young racists in West Palm Beach on Dec. 20 to round out their campaign of swarming conservative events on college campuses.