Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Alex Jones Banned Again

  • In the latest setback for Alex Jones, his InfoWars website has been banned by PayPal.
  • The Family Research Council is launching a multi-city “Values Bus Tour” aimed at mobilizing evangelical voters ahead of the midterm elections.
  • Charisma’s Steve Strang insists that his upcoming “Trump Aftershock” book is “timely and objective—not a puff piece in any way.”
  • Fay Voshell says that the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are a “show trial” and that “George Orwell’s observations were never more pertinent than they are today as we observe the tactics and ideology he loathed in play during the so-called Kavanaugh hearings.”
  • Finally, Julio Severo laments that “sadly, [John] McCain was not killed in one of the many wars he helped to provoke.”