Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Foreshadowing the Apocalypse

  • Josh Bernstein says the only way that witnesses should be allowed to appear during the Senate impeachment trials of President Donald Trump is if the witnesses called by Republicans are stripped of their Fifth Amendment rights.
  • Glenn Beck spent all of 2016 calling Trump a dangerous “psychopath” who must never be allowed to become president, but now that Beck supports the president, the two have made up and are on friendly speaking terms.
  • Perry Stone warns that the coronavirus outbreak is a foreshadowing of the End Times: “When the Apocalypse reveals how millions of people will die by the ‘beasts of the field,’ we can now see how this is possible … When you see these types of tragedies, diseases, viruses and pestilences, the strange and unusual words in the Apocalypse become more clear.”
  • Bradlee Dean calls on Christians to rise up against legislators who support ungodly policies: “It is time for Christian-Americans to also understand that it is not enough to merely protest these tyrants, but to also understand that legal consequence must follow protest: impeachment (Article 2, Section 4, US Constitution). These criminals are not the type that you can help-rehabilitate, they must be lawfully dealt with.”
  • Finally, unmitigated conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald insists that he is not one to float baseless conspiracies, but he just has to wonder if Hillary Clinton may have killed Kobe Bryant to distract Americans from the impeachment trial.