Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Blatantly Subversive

  • Steven Strang says that evangelicals will continue to support President Trump because “men and women on the left are marching in the streets for abortion on demand and celebrating the right to take the life of an unborn child up to the moment of birth. They’re glad same-sex marriage was validated by the Supreme Court and that marijuana is being legalized in state after state. And when it comes to old-fashioned morality, the mantra of the secular culture is simply ‘anything goes.’ This too is a sign of biblical judgment.”
  • Peter LaBarbera is worried about Heather Nauert, who Trump has nominated to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations: “If Nauert becomes one of the world’s most prominent international ‘gay/trans rights’ advocates, it would be a significant betrayal of Trump’s electoral mandate and a great victory for the powerful leftist social forces pushing American-style immorality on the world.”
  • Bradlee Dean wants to know why Congress is allowing “blatantly subversive” organizations like Right Wing Watch to continue to operate.
  • Andy Schlafly says that Trump should be in no hurry to end the government shutdown: “The shutdown disarms the Democrats of their most powerful weapon against Trump: investigations by the House of Representatives, soon to be controlled by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. With committee majorities starting in 2019, Democrats could serve subpoenas on anyone they choose, from Trump’s children to his biggest supporters …The shutdown postpones some of these bad things from happening. Liberals are not interested in working for free in a cold building, and investigations go nowhere if subpoenas cannot be enforced.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein is trying to get banned from Facebook: “I am hoping that Facebook PERMANENTLY BANS me from Facebook with this lovely post. Mark Zuckerberg is a globalist shill, pro Islam, self hating Jew, who is bisexual, a possible fan of beastiality, and a suspected pedophile. Come on you Zuck you gutless useless turd please do me a favor and permanently ban me. I am tired of your Bullshit.”