Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Everything She Does Is Evil’

  • The American Family Association announced that it is “going to donate $10,000 to the legal fees incurred by the students [at Covington Catholic High School] as they defend their names and honor.”
  • Bradlee Dean says that the American people must arm themselves because they are “being terrorized and are clearly being assailed by a power that is foreign to America and the US Constitution through feigned representation and feigned policy disguised as law.”
  • Rick Wiles declares that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “one of the most vile, despicable humans that has breathed in the last 500 years. Everything she does is evil.”
  • Alveda King, Day Gardner, and others are urging President Trump to “declare that abortion of human babies is a national crisis.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein reacted to the arrest of Roger Stone today by calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller a “faggot.”