Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cleanse Your Soul

  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Mark Taylor has returned after a lengthy absence to declare that COVID-19 vaccines are “genocide” and to demand that the entire Biden administration be arrested and tried for treason.
  • After having spent four years of praising and defending former President Donald Trump, Glenn Beck is now concerned about the Biden administration supposedly lying about Biden’s dog, Major, biting Secret Service agents: “If the current administration is willing to lie about something so meaningless to the American people, what else are they willing to lie about?”
  • Bill Mitchell is mystified as to why “seditionist” George Soros is not in prison: “He is obviously guilty of seditious conspiracy! It is an open and shut case.”
  • Shane Vaughn insists that Trump only pretends to support COVID-19 vaccines so as to produce “soundbites” that will be beneficial to him if he runs for president again in 2024.
  • Finally, Mario Murillo tells any Christian who voted for President Joe Biden that they must now cleanse their souls: “Everyone who falls under this heading has done evil and God will not hold you guiltless. When you voted for Biden, you made a statement. You said something—something you must face. … The iniquity of your vote still echoes in your soul. You wear a label. You bear a stain. You carry the stigma of a perverted generation who are shaking their fists at God.”