Rick Wiles Rejoices in Trump’s Staged Bible Photo-Op

Virulently anti-Semitic End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles had turned against President Donald Trump during his first term in office because Wiles believes that Trump is controlled and “owned by the Jews.” But Wiles’ animosity toward Trump melted away last night after the president staged a blatant photo-op in front of a Washington, D.C., church amid the protests taking place across the nation following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last week.

During last night’s “TruNews” program, Wiles cut away from his own broadcast to cover Trump’s press conference and subsequent walk to St. John’s church, where the president posed uncomfortably with a Bible after security forces cleared away cleared away a gathering of peaceful protesters with tear gas.

Wiles marveled at the staged scene.

“A very historical moment tonight,” Wiles said somberly. “You’ll remember this for many, many years. You’ll remember the night the president of the United States bravely walked out of the White House and went to a church that had almost burned down last night because of the leftist communist movement. And the president held up a Holy Bible, a signal to the whole world that his faith is in God, and I rejoice in this.”

“This is the moment I’ve waited to see in Donald Trump,” he continued. “I’ve waited four years to see Donald Trump sincerely express his faith in God, and I really believe that was sincere tonight … I believe for the first time, the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, publicly acknowledged God.”

“It was an amazing moment,” Wiles concluded.