Rick Wiles Predicted That Democrats Would Disrupt The SOTU and Trump Would Declare Martial Law

On last night’s “TruNews” program, which aired prior to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned that Democratic members of Congress were filling the audience with radical left-wing activists for the purpose of disrupting Trump’s speech, which would then prompt Trump to immediately declare a national emergency and impose martial law.

Wiles predicted that at some point during Trump’s speech, the president would turn to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, extend his hand, and ask her to join him in working together for the betterment of this country. Wiles said that when Pelosi rejected Trump’s offer, that would be the signal to the “disrupters” planted in the audience to launch “an uprising in the House.”

“I think the Democrats are capable of doing anything right now,” Wiles said. “They’re not sane, civilized people. This is not the Democratic Party of Harry Truman, this is the Communist Party of Karl Marx … This is communist revolutionaries and communists always shock the public.”

Wiles then asserted that Trump was entirely prepared for this scenario to unfold and would be carrying in his breast pocket “a declaration of national emergency,” which he would immediately sign in response to the Democratic uprising.

“And then, at that moment, basically America goes into martial law,” Wiles predicted.

Needless to say, nothing that Wiles predicted actually came true.