Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Friend of the Devil

  • E.W. Jackson said on his radio show yesterday that Democrats only care about amassing power: “Whoever will help us get it is our ally, even if it’s the devil himself. And you know what? That’s exactly who it is that is in alliance with the Democrat Party: The Devil. That’s right, I said it and I mean it.”
  • Bryan Fischer does not approve of the transgender rights movement: “May God forgive us for indulging this kind of sexual deviancy, and may he raise up statesmen with enough testosterone to take this movement head-on, stop it in its tracks, and bury it deep in the ground.”
  • Lance Wallnau was at the White House yesterday, apparently to attend the administration’s Hanukkah celebration.
  • Philip Zodhiates, a Religious Right activist who is now serving a three-year prison sentence for his involvement in aiding Lisa Miller in kidnapping her daughter and fleeing the country, is lashing out at the court: “It was nothing less than court-ordered sexual abuse. The courts were adamant about sanctioning the sexual abuse of a child in order to push through a vile political agenda. They are the ones that should be serving prison time.”
  • Finally, Rick Wiles declares that Jared Kushner is a “foreign agent for Israel working in the White House.”