Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Democrats ‘Will Never Run Another Presidential Candidate’

  • Right-wing commentator Gerard Lameiro predicts that Democrats will “shut down between the 2018 election and the 2020 presidential election” and “will never run another presidential candidate.”
  • Al Perrotta, the managing editor of James Robison’s “The Stream” website, goes deep down the QAnon rabbit hole because “any time the news establishment in sudden unison jumps up and screams at the top of their lungs, ‘Nothing to see here! Nonsense, nonsense! Nothing to see!’ it’s a good time to pay attention.”
  • Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson fumes on Twitter: “Let me get this straight. Merely holding up a Bible in an advertisement is ‘offensive’ and has to be removed. These Antifa, LGBT activists are fascist & totalitarian. This is why Christians MUST VOTE!”
  • “Prophet” Johnny Enlow explains the deep spiritual significance behind Justify’s Triple Crown victory.
  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles dedicated an entire television program to warning that “Kabbalah wizards in Israel are scheming with American evangelical church leaders to use President Donald Trump to pave the way for the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: “Heavenly Father, may the Courts settle the issue of freedom of religion and public expression once the Court’s makeup is changed. Lord, if Brett Kavanaugh is Your man, please hasten the process and guide the Senate to confirm him. Stand with the Chino Valley District School Board and other school boards, commissions, and councils that seem endlessly to be tested as to whether they will stand for religious liberty. May the next court settle this simple matter and affirm that the kind of religious freedom and expression intended and practiced by the Founders is ‘settled law’ and firmly established for generations to come.”