Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Return Of Allen West

  • Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton claims that a federal judge recently brought his entire staff to Barton’s WallBuilders museum so they could “be trained on original intent and the founding fathers.”
  • Pro-Trump vloggers “Diamond and Silk” call Facebook’s stock drop “karma” for their debunked allegations that Facebook censored their page.
  • Former Rep. Allen West hints that he will soon be running for public office again.
  • Right-wing commentator Robert Knight has a question: “If the Democrats are so concerned about foreign intervention in America, why are they trying to get non-citizens to vote?”
  • Finally, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein says that Right Wing Watch is “a disgusting, vile organization” that hates America: “If they could, they would take a torch to the White House and celebrate as people were coming out of it burning on fire.”