James Robison: Trump Is Surrounded by Prayer While Democrats Are ‘Mentally Deranged’

Right-wing pastor James Robison appeared on “The Chad Prather Show” on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network last month, where he declared that no reasonable person could even consider voting against President Trump in 2020 because the prayers of Christians are surrounding him with wisdom while the Democrats descend into complete insanity.

After Robison, who has been a key spiritual adviser to Trump since the 2016 election and has repeatedly insisted that Trump is on a path to developing a deep faith in Christ, laughably claimed that people can see Trump’s deep respect for God in how politely he treats members of the media, he warned that Democrats cannot be allowed to defeat Trump in 2020 because “they’ve become mentally deranged.”

“The left does not give a rip about anything but protecting their future and their place in power,” Robison fumed. “It’s almost like they’ve become mentally deranged. Romans I says they have a reprobate mind. Once you cast aside the truth of God and change it into a lie, you are given over to control by your own appetites, even when they’re unnatural. But you’ll reach a place where you can’t think straight. You don’t know right from wrong, good from evil, night from day, left from right. You think 2 + 2 = 5 and you will defend that nonsense.”

“The stand these people are taking is so ridiculous it borders on the edge of absolute insanity,” he added. “How in the world can we allow insanity to rule?”

Robison said that “common sense Americans” and “people who know the Father that knows best” realize that Trump is the only hope for saving this nation because he is surrounded by the prayers of Christians, which are giving him wisdom.

“We’ve got a man who is tireless, who is fearless, who is unintimidatable, who will not allow anybody to manipulate him,” Robison said. “Prayer surrounds him with wisdom.”