Donald Trump Is ‘A Babe In Christ’ But Won’t Talk About It Publicly Because It’ll Be Used Against Him Politically

On Friday’s “Stand In The Gap” radio program, Gary Dull of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network reported that he had recently participated in a conference call hosted by James Robison for members of Donald Trump’s spiritual advisory board in which Robison assured the participants that Trump “is a babe in Christ” who has “absolutely” accepted Christ as his lord and savior.

According to Dull, Robison told those on the call that Trump has been bringing members of his spiritual advisory council with him to all campaign stops and having them sit in on campaign strategy meetings, where he often takes their advice over that put forth by his own political advisers.

Most importantly, Dull said that Robison reported that “over and over and over again, it is very evident that Donald Trump is on a spiritual journey and wants to know what the scripture says about life and about the issues of life” now that he “has trusted Christ as savior.”

To that end, Robison reportedly told participants that, among all the political leaders he has ever counseled, he “has never sensed the desire for one of those men to really understand scripture and grow in Christ and seek spiritual advice to the degree that Donald Trump is doing that right now.”

When a caller asked why, if Trump has made this deep commitment to Christ, he has not said anything about it publicly, Robison reportedly responded by insisting that the campaign’s spiritual advisers have told Trump to keep this quiet “because it will be used against you politically” and instead to simply allow his changed behavior to serve as evidence of his newfound commitment to Christ.

“Watch his life,” Dull reported Robison as saying. “Watch his deportment. You’ll see the difference.”