James Robison Hopes ‘Humble’ And ‘Meek’ Trump Will ‘Point Everyone To The Ultimate Father’

Hundreds of conservative Christians gathered at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., today for a “special inauguration prayer event” organized by The Jefferson Gathering, a Religious Right organization that focuses on reaching members of Congress.

The event was overseen by California pastor Jim Garlow and featured prayers delivered by several Religious Right activists, including Lance Wallnau, David Barton, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Todd Starnes, Harry Jackson, Alveda King, Samuel Rodriguez and Lou Engle. Reps. Trent Franks and Jody Hice also participated, as did former Rep. Michele Bachmann. The prayer service was streamed live on Barton’s WallBuilders Facebook page.

The most passionate speech was delivered by right-wing televangelist James Robison, who has been a key spiritual advisor to Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and transition. Robison said that in his 55 years of ministry, he has “never met a person, when wisdom walks in the room, who is more attentive, who is more humble, who expresses greater meekness and appreciation for what is downloading” than Trump.

“I’m finding him more and more impressed by people who actually love the Father and love their nation and I’m watching his life change,” Robison said.

Robison said that Trump’s transformation has been “absolutely indescribable,” but cautioned that Christians must be careful “not to measure a man by every step but by the progress he will make” because Trump is “about to find out what it is to really love God and know what it is to feed the sheep.”

“I am praying that this man will understand what it is to be a father to a fatherless nation and to point everyone to the ultimate Father,” he said.

Robison said that Trump has nothing but joy and gratitude and love for the Christians who voted for him and has begged Robison to surround him with prayer and to never let him forget the debt that he owes to this movement.