James Robison: Trump Has ‘An Unbelievable Admiration of the Jesus He Sees in Other Christians’

The day after President Trump called Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress with whom he allegedly had an adulterous affair, a “horseface,” televangelist James Robison posted a video in which he declared that Trump has a deep admiration of the faith of the Religious Right leaders with whom he has surrounded himself, and that their efforts to preach the word of God to him are having an impact.

Robison, who has been a key spiritual adviser to Trump since the 2016 election and has repeatedly insisted that Trump is on a path to developing a deep faith in Christ, interviewed Religious Right radio host and columnist Michael Brown about his new book, “Donald Trump Is Not My Savior,” in which Brown attempts to rationalize the conservative Christian movement’s continued support for the president despite his panoply of flaws and shortcomings.

At one point, Brown asserted that if the reports contained in Bob Woodward’s recent book that paint Trump as dangerously unpredictably, uninformed, and unhinged are accurate, that makes him support Trump even more.

“If it was as bad as described, it wouldn’t surprise me,” Brown said. “Even if all the worst stuff in the Woodward book was true—even if it was—the fact is Trump really seemed to care about people, he seemed to feel that he kept his campaign promises.”

“He wants people who believe in prayer praying for him,” Robison interrupted. “He shows an unbelievable admiration of the Jesus that he sees in other Christians and you can see it. He absolutely admires Christ in others.”

“Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If they receive you, they receive me,'” Robison continued. “Nobody has ever received me in any leadership role more openly, more fully and freely than did Donald Trump. So if Jesus says, ‘If they receive you, they receive me,’ well now, you work out the theological ramifications of that, all I’m telling you is that he received. And what I’m believing is that when you sow the word of God faithfully, unapologetically, unwavering, then I believe it always accomplishes its purpose. And I think we’re watching that.”