James Robison: The Increasing Wisdom Of Trump’s Tweets Is A Sign Of His Maturing Christian Faith

Yesterday, Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang released audio of an interview he conducted for his forthcoming book, “God and Donald Trump,” with televangelist James Robison, who has been a key spiritual advisor to Trump since the campaign.

Robison revealed that he had urged Trump not to try to speak in religious terms but to simply let his “personal growth” reveal to the world the way in which his faith in Christ has changed his heart, insisting that the nation is witnessing this spiritual growth in the increase maturity of Trump’s tweets and his treatment of women.

“I have been with him in so many settings,” Robison said, “with so many different people, including on the plane and in the car, watching how he treats everybody. It is absolutely one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. He is so respectful and then he’ll get up and be like [Muhammad] Ali, punching everybody out, knocking them out and they’ll think, well, he doesn’t have love. Well, did you ever think maybe love knocks out the enemy that is hurting all the people that need that love? So that’s what he is doing, so yes, what he is accomplishing and what must be accomplished is an answer to people’s prayers.”

“He just needs to keep doing what he is doing,” Robison continued. “He is just getting wiser every day, his tweets are getting wiser. And by the way, doing those tweets, he is doing the thing that every leader is going to have to do—you have got to communicate directly with the people you love, directly with the American people and you have got to be able to do it around a biased, totally anti-God, anti-Christian-biblical-worldview media. You have to talk continually to the American people and, God bless him, he’s doing it and I think that his tweets will become wiser and wiser … As he walks out the power of scripture and the truth that wisdom offers and the incredible wisdom that makes possible unbelievable correction and restoration, if he’ll just keep doing that and then just share his heart, more and more you are going to see continuous wisdom. I watch it every day.”

Robison claimed that he has sown a deep seed of faith in Trump and “he’s very, very responsive. The ways he respects [Rex] Tillerson, [James] Mattis, the ones around him, [Mike] Pompeo, Ben Carson, the people he’s put there. I’ve watched him honor his assistants that have been with him 15 or 20 years and talk about him maybe not respecting women, I’ve never seen a man treat women behind the scenes any more respectfully that I’ve watched him treat them when I’m around him. And he’s not doing it for show.”