James Robison: Trump Has The Potential To ‘Become One Of The Greatest Miracles The World Has Ever Seen’

Right-wing televangelist James Robison, who has been a key spiritual advisor to Donald Trump, spoke at the Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall” conference last week, where he declared that Trump has the potential “to become one of the greatest miracles the world has ever seen.” In Trump, Robison said, people can see “glimpses of the Father” and signs of God’s love for humanity.

Robison said that Trump is “captivated” by Jesus, adding that in all his years of ministry, he has “have never been more openly received, I have never sown a seed faithfully, forcefully on more fertile ground” than with Trump.

“In 55 years of public ministry, I have never been received with more graciousness, gratitude, sincere appreciation and genuine meekness,” Robison said. “The morning after the State of the Union address, I called him and I said, ‘Sir, last night we not only saw what your children say a good father is, we saw the Father. Several times we got glimpses of the Father … When you looked up at that widow and you loved her and you thanked her, the compassion of a loving, heavenly Father flowed through you, sir.'”

Robison said that he told Trump that “if you are receiving Jesus like you have received me, you are going to become one of the greatest miracles the world has ever seen.”