Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/4/16

  • James Dobson is begging conservative Christians to get out and vote on Tuesday: “Please don’t even think about sitting out this election.”
  • Todd Starnes is still tackling the important issues.
  • James Robison says that if Donald Trump, now that he is supposedly on his way to becoming a deeply committed Christian, “does not show us a changed person, whether he wins the election or not, then I will shout it from the housetops: ‘Mr. Trump, you did not reject me, you did not reject the wisdom of your faith board, you rejected the wisdom God freely offers us and you said ‘no’ to the love that sent Jesus to the cross to bury your sins in the sea of His forgiveness.'”
  • Don Boys calls on “Never Trump” Christians to have the “courage” to change their minds and vote for him anyway.
  • Finally, if this doesn’t win the election for Trump, nothing will.