James Robison: Church Must Support Trump Or Hand America Over To Satan

In a recent conference call with pastors, a recording of which was posted on the website of the Ohio group Citizens for Community Values, evangelist James Robison warned church leaders that if they sit out this election because of a dislike for Donald Trump, they will hand America over to Satan.

Robison, who said on the call that he’s been sharing the gospel with Trump for months, compared judging the GOP presidential candidate to judging Peter, who denied Christ three times before repenting.

If the church doesn’t get involved in this election on behalf of Trump, Robison warned, “we’re fixing to hand the future of freedom and the future of innocent life and the future of all life and the future of public proclamation of the Gospel off to the destroyer of freedom, the author of deception, the father of lies and murder.”

“We’re going to hand the future of this nation off to someone you never have to wonder what they’re going to do,” he continued. “They’re telling you change your beliefs. You have to change your beliefs, forget the Bible, change the truth of God into a lie and follow me. And if we do, of all people on this planet, the members of the body of Christ will prove to be foolish and they will lose the future of freedom by sitting this one out, by not seeing that God can change anyone. There are no deplorables in God’s sight, there’s no one who can’t be redeemed in God’s sight, starting with me, Donald Trump and every American.”