Hank Kunneman Claims Trump ‘Cried Out to God’ in the Hospital and Thereby Secured His Reelection

Right-wing pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman appeared on Daystar Television Tuesday night, where he claimed to have received a prophetic dream in which he was sent to warn President Donald Trump that he would be pulled off the campaign trail to have “an encounter with God” that would secure his reelection.

“I had a dream,” Kunneman said. “I was in a room with the president, and he asked me to pray for him. I said, ‘Yes’. He said, ‘Now pray the way that you pray.’ And I prayed for him. And he pulled me to his left ear—which is interesting, Marcus—it was his left ear because he wanted me, God wanted me to comfort him regarding the left. And I said to him, ‘President Trump, they’re going to pull you off of the campaign trail, you’re going to be pulled off for a short season. Don’t worry about it, it’s for your safety. But the second thing is there is coming a Hezekiah moment to your life.'”

Hezekiah was a biblical king who, in Isaiah 38, upon finding himself upon the verge of death, called out to God to remind him of all the good things he did as king, prompting God to heal him and add 15 years to his life.

Kunneman says that when Trump was in the hospital after contracting COVID-19, he too cried out to God, and God responded by securing not only Trump’s reelection, but by extending his hand “over three elections,” presumably meaning that Vice President Mike Pence will be elected president in 2024 and again in 2028.

“President Trump said he talked to God more than you ever talked to him in that hospital,” Kunneman said. “He cried out to God, and just like Hezekiah said, ‘God, remember the good that I’ve done,’ so did President Trump. As a result, God extended what was a Hezekiah moment 15 years not only to the king but to the nation. Because of what happened with President Trump just recently, his calling out to God has extended God’s hand that’s going to extend over three elections.”