Hank Kunneman Says Christians Cannot Allow the ‘Anti-Christ’ Party to Defeat Trump

Right-wing pastor Hank Kunneman used his most recent Sunday sermon to declare that Christians cannot allow the “anti-Christ” party to defeat President Donald Trump in November because Trump’s support for prayer and love for Jesus will cause a “shift” in this nation that will bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Are you willing to vote?” Kunneman asked his viewers. “Are you going to leave God alone and let the anti-Christ, the party of the non-religious who murder babies and think it’s OK, and they don’t care if churches open up—in fact, they’ve tried every angle they could to use the virus to do it … [they] want to push God out of our society, push God out of our schools, push God out of the mindsets and the theologies of our schools and our universities.”

“You know why I believe that President Trump will be elected?” he continued. “I believe we have a friend of Jesus Christ and his church.”

“You cannot tell me when a president stands up and says, ‘We need more prayer in our churches, prayer is a good thing.’ When a president a month ago calls the nation to pray to the Almighty God, not to a defeated entity, but to the very God that this nation was dedicated to, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, you invoke the blessing of God, you invoke the mercy of God. When a president on Friday says, ‘It’s time for the churches to open,'” Kunneman said. “Something is about to shift to where we are going to see God’s hand and God’s power in a way that we have not seen before, that is going to outweigh what we have had to see over the last few months.”